Brand DNA.

It will be used for here, here, and here. Can it?

Photo by Cristina Gottardi on Unsplash

“A brand is no different than us, human beings. It has a body, a name, an appearance, thoughts, and a soul. But most importantly, it has DNA, a genetic code which make it different, even when it is twin.”

For the technocrats, the above question is a challenge them. From a technical point of view, nothing is impossible. But not so for a brand. Even though the types of businesses and services provided are the same/similar, each brand has its own DNA.

The current state of the market forces a business to have a distinction. It is the nature of a brand to be distinctive. Therefore, thinking as a brand is equally as thinking to be distinctive.

The distinguishing element can be achieved through two activities, namely discovery and design. Discovery, meaning that the distinction factors unwittingly exist in the midst of the company’s/entities daily activities which then through certain methods are revealed and used as DNA. The second is Design, which means that the distinction is intentionally made through the design thinking process and becomes the elements of being distinctive.

Due to economic and time factors, we often encounter businessmen forcing the idea of ​​a brand to be used on several other different brands.

If we believe that thinking as a brand equals thinking distinctively, then clearly, an idea designed specifically for one brand will not work for other brands. In short, because the DNA is distinct.

First published in on June 4, 2007



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